So Fancy

I have some amazing news today!  I was nominated for an ASOS Fashion Finder Award a few weeks back and yesterday I found out that I won!!!  The award I was up for was for ‘Working the Trends’ and I’m so honored to be selected as the winner as I do love my trends 🙂  Check out the other award winners and runners-up here on the Fashion Finder website.  This is my first award as a blogger and after almost 6 years of blogging it really is a pleasure to receive.  I’m not all about awards, I love to see tweets, emails, comments etc from you  guys hearing that you enjoy my blog and that makes all the hard work worth while…but this is a welcome treat for me 🙂

Jumper – Forever 21 (Similar here)
Bag – Chanel
Necklace – Primark
Items marked with * have been gifted

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