It’s A Good Friday

Happy Good Friday everyone!  I’m not really sure I can remember what Good Friday is all about, I’m not religious in the slightest so I just like to know; can we eat easter eggs yet or not?  Yeh, it’s all about the chocolate, soz Jesus.  Anywho, I hope you all enjoy this long bank holiday weekend, lets eat chocolate until we vomit!

Blazer – Matalan (Similar here)
Jeans – Zara (Similar here)
Rucksack – Topshop (Similar here)
Colour on Nails – See Celine Inspired Nails post here

Items marked with an * have been gifted or purchased with a gift card from that brand

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  1. 18th April 2014 / 8:44 am

    Gorgeous outfit, I’m thinking we can start eating chocolate now but then again I’m not sure?
    Are those mules comfy to walk in? I’m thinking of purchasing but can just imagine falling out of them all the time with no support around the ankle, or are they ok?

  2. 18th April 2014 / 10:47 am

    Nothin very good actually happened on Good Friday. The Easter eggs aren’t till Sunday technically Hun, I think your ok to start today though. Love your blazer

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