Right guys it’s official, I have been bitten by the beauty bug!  Fashion has always been my main interest when it comes to blogging but somehow over the last week slowly but surely I have become obsessed with beauty products.  I was always pretty stubborn when it came to make-up and beauty, I didn’t care about the product I just went for the most ‘reasonably’ priced one that did the job.  Times have changed, but don’t get me wrong I still love a bargain beauty buy and as we’ve all learnt products like the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and Lacura Q10 Renew Serum (both complete budget buys and used by myself) are often the best products and get rave reviews.  So my aim now is to do one beauty post a day along with my usual outfit post, essentially doubling my work but after all this is my job so why not eh!  I know there’s a lot of you out there that enjoy the beauty side of things and I know that from your feedback you all wanted more beauty from me but I think unless you’re really interested in it, it’s difficult to blog about it.  I’ve got sooooo many products to review which I’ve collected over the last few months from goodie bags and that I’ve been sent from PR’s so there’s plenty to come!  It comes at perfect timing that tomorrow I’m off for an early call time at a studio in West London for a make-up shoot with Guess, it’s pretty secretive at the moment but I’ll be sharing glimpses of my shoot tomorrow on Instagram and Twitter but won’t be giving too much away, you’ll have to wait for the post and pictures to be released and they will also go on my official Guess Access Blogger page which should launch in the next couple of weeks.

Sunglasses – Ray Ban at Very

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