The ‘Ugly’ Shoe Edit

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As the great Daphne and Celeste once said ‘U.G.L.Y. you aint got no alibi you uglay, hey hey, you uglay’.  Now I’ve gone and done it, I’ve joined the ‘ugly’ shoe brigade!  There’s no escaping them for SS14, the ugly shoe is here to stay and it’s BIG!  We’re talking about the chunky Birkenstock-style slides that were seen everywhere all over the Runway back in September and now they’re filtering into stores/online/everywhere in life in a huge way.  There will be some of you that say ‘Ew, hate them, no way’ but I said that back in November time when I saw them at literally every single press day I attended.  They are unflattering like all practical things but there’s just something about them; they’re like a pug, ugly but cute.  So, like most hideous trends, they have now grown on me, and now I’m somewhat obsessed!  Therefore in honour of my new obsession I’ve compiled a little ‘Edit’ of the ugly shoes for you from both the high street and designer labels.  

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