NEW IN: Peter Pilotto For Target

Sunday saw the release of the much anticipated Peter Pilotto for Target collection.  I set my alarm for the crack of dawn to ensure that I got at least one piece…my alarm never went off!  When I woke up I simply continued with my day as normal, forgetting about the launch completely.  By the time I remembered it was about 2pm and I frantically grabbed my iPad and went straight to Net-a-Porter site where most of the collection had already sold out 🙁  I had my eye on the skater skirt dress and a couple of other bits, all of which had sold out.  Not wanting to miss out on the collection I ordered a long sleeve top and a sweatshirt.  Both items I probably wouldn’t have ordered had the original must-haves been available, however when they arrived today I am so glad I bagged them!  The yellow and blue print top you see in the picture has now made it’s way into one of my LFW outfits and I’ve had the sweatshirt on all day.  I’m hoping there will be a second drop of the collection so I can get my hands on THAT dress but if not, it’s a valuable lesson learnt for next time!

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