Boohoo #Dressmas Party

On Thursday night I went to the annual Boohoo Christmas Blogger Party at Concrete in Shoreditch.  There are a few reason’s why I shouldn’t drink, and unfortunately this night held quite a few of them much to the entertainment of everyone else.  But it turned out be one of the best nights I’ve ever had.  It’s always great to go to Blogger parties because it’s such a fun circle to be in and we are all amongst our ‘own kind’ so we already have something in common.  I got to see some of my friends and meet loads of new ones 🙂  The room was decked out with festive cheer including a beautiful Christmas tree covered with baubles, each one with the face of one of us Bloggers, which could quite possibly be the sweetest idea ever!  We started off the night with cocktails, perhaps one too many for me!  Musical Bingo was the highlight of the night and I’d never played musical bingo or any other kind of bingo for that matter so this was a new and intense experience for me…I was pumped to say the least.  Somehow I ended up drinking wine by the 2nd round of bingo and from there it all went down hill, I should never drink wine.  There was copious amounts of crazy dancing, ample photo taking and a conga line, what more could you want?!  Check out my pictures below and I must say a huge thank you to the Boohoo team for such a great night!
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Musical Bingo!

Instagramming with Clare and Gemma

With my bauble 🙂

My best picture, how cute is Jai’me?! Good Job Clare
Well deserved prizes for Clare & Jai’me

Me and Jai’me, for some reason I did the rock n’ roll fingers a lot!

Lookin’ good Clare!

Jai’me, what a pose!

Got my present from Santa, and I ain’t lettin go!

Instagrams of the night on the wall of Boohoo fame

This is one of the reasons why I should not be allowed alcoholic beverages!
I was wearing…
Watch – ASOS (Old)

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  1. 18th November 2013 / 2:08 am

    Haha, I really enjoyed seeing those photos! What a brilliant party it was. They kept it very simple and somehow managed to make it so much fun!

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