‘Mom’ Jeans

Ok it’s time to jump on this 90’s bandwagon down the road of ‘Mom’ jeans!  I certainly remember my mum donning a pair of these jeans, in fact she had a kick-ass pair (Although at the time I thought they were “sooooo gay!”) of high waisted Versace jeans which were half denim and half grey suede with the logo embossed into the suede (note to self: must steal  those!).  At the time I used to think they were so ‘mum’ however, as fashion does, these jeans have come around again.  Loads of high street stores are coming out with their own versions, like mine here from ASOS.  I am reformed and will be styling these up through winter too!

Bag – H&M (Current).     Sunglasses – Primark (Current).     iPhone Cover – Kenzo (Buy Here and Here)

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