Shades For £1, Why The Devil Not?!

You’ve gotta love Primark when you find Rayban-style sunglasses for a quid!  Naturally I bought all the colour options; Tortoiseshell, black and white with mirrored lenses.  I have Raybans too but don’t always want to wear them for the price they cost through fear of losing them or breaking them.  Obviously Raybans have a serious ‘cool factor’ but that said, I actually prefer the size and shape of these Primark shades.  Oh go on, even if you hate Primark (Errrr #WTF, who are you?!) they’re only £1 and will do for summer.

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  1. 7th June 2013 / 9:03 am

    Love these, I always get sunglasses from Primark because I end up losing or breaking them so easily! x

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