2017 Trend: Gucci Marmont

Photography by Debs
Emma Hill wears beige chunky knit, white skinny jeans, tan GG Gucci Marmont belt, Black leather Gucci Marmont bag medium, tan suede block heel knee high boots, gold frame round Rayban sunglasses, chic winter outfit

It was actually in 2016 that the Gucci Marmont collection was released, and I invested in it pretty soon with these red suede heels, but I can tell it's going to be a huge trend for 2017.  Gucci had a great year in 2016 and once more they have returned to the top position when it comes to luxury brands.  Every season we see a handful of 'IT' bags emerge onto the scene and this season the Gucci Marmont is right in pole position. For anyone that has followed me since day dot, or even only going back 3 years ago, you'll know that I didn't 'do' luxury brands.  I literally had a couple of designer handbags which I'd had for years and had probably seen better days.  But with hard work and perseverance I've worked my way to a comfortable position where I can treat myself from time to time.  Over the last 2 1/2 years my handbag collection has grown but I'm still very much in tune with the mindset of the old Emma, who wasn't used to such luxuries.  What I love most about Gucci isn't it's timeless and classic appeal but the broad spectrum of pieces in the collections for varying budgets.  

I bought the medium size Matelasse Marmont bag, albeit at Heathrow Terminal 5 which meant that it was tax free, score!  I'd had my eye on this bag for some time now although I originally wanted it in Black velvet, which was about £400 cheaper.  However I couldn't find the velvet version in stock anywhere and in the end decided that leather was a little more trans-seasonal.  If you want to splash out on something like a bag then you're looking at paying a little more, although this cross body bag from the collection comes in at £640 which might be more doable than anything in the £1000+ range.  Now I understand £640 is still an insane amount of money so this is where the hero piece of the season comes in, the new GG belt!  Again I bought mine in T5 and if anyone is flying from there then I'd seriously recommend doing your luxury shopping before your flight to take advantage of the discounted prices.  At full price these belts start from £220 for the slim version (1.5cm), £240 for the Medium version (3cm) up to £300 for the wider version (4cm) like I have and £640 for the super wide version.  If you're a little more extravagant then you may like the embellished styles, but be prepared to pay more.  This is a great entry price point for an iconic accessory that you can wear with almost every outfit and as you may have seen on my social channels I've been getting so much wear out of mine.  

I've curated a list of my personal favourite pieces from the Gucci Marmont collection but if you had to choose, which would you have?

tan suede knee high block heel boots, white ripped knee skinny jeans black leather Gucci Marmont bag
beige chunky knit sweater black leather Gucci Marmont bag medium
Emma Hill wears beige chunky knit, white skinny jeans, Black leather Gucci Marmont bag medium, gold frame round Rayban sunglasses, chic winter outfit
Emma Hill wears beige chunky knit, white skinny jeans, tan GG Gucci Marmont belt, Black leather Gucci Marmont bag medium, tan suede block heel knee high boots, gold frame round Rayban sunglasses, chic winter outfit
Beige knit, Tan Gucci marmot GG belt, Black leather medium Gucci Marmont bag, white skinny jeans
white skinny jeans, tan suede knee high boots, black leather Gucci Marmont bag
Beige knit, Tan Gucci marmot GG belt, Black leather medium Gucci Marmont bag, white skinny jeans


Outfit Details

Sweater - H&M
(Wearing size M)

Jeans - New Look

Belt - Gucci

Bag - Gucci

Boots - Zara
(Sale so may be sold out, but similar style here)

Sunglasses - Rayban via David Clulow

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  1. Veronique
    17th January 2017 / 11:27 am

    Great look Emma! You look just awesome! I love it so much especially because I’m wearing almost constantly the same set of GG bag+belt from last September when first I bought GG Marmont chevron bag in black and white and later added to it the wide belt. First I thought it to be too exaggerated to double the Gucci logo because it wasn’t my intention to show everyone that “look, I’m so rich that I can have Gucci bag and belt”, but then I realized that it’s my business what I wear and how I feel with it and frankly speaking I feel fantastic wearing this ensemble! The belt is really a kind of magical accessory as I wear it with floral dresses, distressed jeans and girly skirts, not to mention ponchos and coats! It’s really great! The bag for me is also perfect, I also have the same size and I must say I wear it often than any other bag (Chanel flapbag included). When I was choosing mine the velvet options were all available but I really didn’t care of them, it was hot late summer and my mind was still unprepared for this strong fall-winter velvet trend. For some time I regretted it but now that spring is on the horizon I’m happy again that my bag is so universal!

    • 17th January 2017 / 5:36 pm

      I couldn’t agree more with your points about the velvet and how versatile the belt it, it’s a winner for sure! You know what, people will always have opinions on what other people wear, and in my opinion, their opinions mean jack s**t For too long I cared about what other people thought of me and what I should/shouldn’t be wearing and now I wear whatever the hell I like I feel the same as you; both the bag and the belt make me feel amazing when I wear them and if I get a little bit of joy out of wearing some luxury goods then that’s my prerogative as is yours. Wow what a harrowing moment we just had there, go Gucci! x

    • 17th January 2017 / 5:28 pm

      Don’t you hate it when that happens, nothing worse than the story of ‘sold out’ What pieces have you got your eye on? x

  2. Emily
    18th January 2017 / 12:20 pm

    This has to be the most beautiful and effortless outfit I’ve ever seen you wear and I love everything you wear but this is just stunning!!

    • 18th January 2017 / 1:05 pm

      Thank you so much Emily, what a lovely comment! x

    • 20th January 2017 / 6:21 am

      Thanks Areli, I agree, they’ve nailed it for the last 4 seasons x

  3. 13th June 2017 / 12:16 pm

    Wow , great article , and yes I agree, the marmont is a truly beautiful piece ,and I want one,

  4. katia
    10th August 2017 / 4:00 pm

    Hi, love the look and this bag . I think I will buy it in medium size. I am 173 cm tall and would like to wear it cross body. Is the chain from the medium size long enough for a tall woman, how tall are you?
    Have a nice day 😉

    • 14th August 2017 / 8:58 am

      I’m just over 5ft9 x

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