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My Wedding Series: DIY Programme Fans

Photography by Victoria Walker

It’s #WeddingWednesday once again and one of the most popular things you asked for was a DIY post on how I made these programme fans.  As with all Wedding ideas, this started with Pinterest.  As our Wedding was in September it was still pretty warm and if you’ve ever been to a summer Wedding then you’ll be familiar with the sight of people wafting down their sweaty brows with clutch bags, bibles or anything else they can get their hands on.  These programme fans are the perfect way to cool your guests as well as displaying the order of service, and the good news is, you can make them yourself and they are super easy.

Wedding programmes DIY fans-5

Step 1: You’ll want to design your programme first.  I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to do mine but you can use whatever software you like, yes, even Word (which you can now use online).  I downloaded some cute fonts from and set to work designing a few different designs for me and my hubby decide on.  I used A4 as my paper size because when folded in half I found that it made the perfect size fan and Hobbycraft really helped me out by supplying me with some thick card for printing my design on to.  I would definitely recommend using a thick card for your final fans because the more sturdy they are the better they are for fanning.  When designing your programme you should have your canvas (A4 size) on the landscape orientation and using the ruler guides, mark it in half so you know what should be doing on the front and back of your programme.

Top Tip: Make a few different designs, playing around with fonts and layouts and print all of them off on paper to form prototypes for you and your hubby-to-be to choose from.

Step 2: Ok so you’ve decided on your chosen design, print these off on thick card and le
ave to dry thoroughly as you will be handling these a lot and don’t want any smudges.  Once dry you’re going to be folding them in half, this is the most tedious job so I allocated this job to Simon haha.  If you’ve gone for really thick card like I did then make sure whoever is doing the folding is using a flat surface to push the card onto as you don’t want any wonky fold lines.Wedding programmes DIY fans-6

Step 3: I used giant lollypop sticks (again from Hobbycraft) for the handles of my fans.  Now lollypop stick colour wasn’t my jam and wasn’t in keeping with our colour scheme so I spray painted those to suit our theme.  As the wood is very absorbent they dried in no time at all and were ready to be glued into the folded programmes.  To glue them down I used Pritstick and just applied a rather large amount to where the lolly pop stick was centred so it would be secure.  Make sure you glue right to the edges of the card so there’s no risk of the edges curling up.  I used my ample stash of Vogue magazines to form a clamp when leaving them to dry.

Step 4: I had finished all my programme fans but I thought there was something missing from them so I went on the hunt for my haberdashery box (yes, I do have one of those) and found some black ribbon.  As an experiment I tied a small bow around the handle (lollypop stick) on one of the programmes and that was it, the finishing touch that I was looking for.  Off to Hobbycraft again for some more rolls of ribbon  (I needed about 20cm for each bow) and set to work tying tiny bows on each of the programmes.

Wedding programmes DIY fans-9
Wedding programmes DIY fans-8

Wedding programmes DIY fans

The most time consuming part of this DIY was the actual designing on the programmes but once that was done this was actually quite a nice activity for me and Simon to do together.  True to our expectations it was pretty warm on the day of our Wedding and it was so lovely to see our guests using our little fans to cool down as I walked down the isle.

Wedding programmes DIY fans-4

Wedding Photography by Victoria Walker

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  1. Sheah
    15th June 2016 / 11:54 pm

    This is such a cute idea!

  2. 19th June 2016 / 8:55 pm

    Lovely idea for a summer wedding, I’m really looking forward to making as many things as I can for our wedding
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  3. Gemma
    1st March 2017 / 8:52 pm

    What font did you use from da font for the fan wedding programmes? Xx

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