Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic

It’s that time of year again when we whip out the bronzer with full force!  I’ve got this Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic bronzer (£2.99) to try out in shade ‘1 Sunkissed’.  It does also come in ‘Radiant’ and non-mosaic matte and shimmer versions.  I have had Collection bronzers in the past and I must admit I have always been a fan and used them until they have met their crumbly death in a make-up bag (don’t you hate it when that happens!).  So obviously being a mosaic it’s made up of several different shades/tones of shimmering powder which is great for highlighting/contouring cheekbones and the jawline.  You do need to be quite minimal with this powder as eve the smallest amount gives a noticeable glow, so start with a dab and build it up if you want more.  I wouldn’t recommend using it all over the face as it is very shimmery, but bronzer should technically only be used to highlight and contour certain areas anyway.

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