My New Den

Back in November me and my other half started work on our basement.  It hadn’t been used as anything other than a crap-store-room for all our junk since we moved into the house over two years ago.  The basement is split into two halves, one half had already been claimed as a cinema/games room, not by me, my bid was for a walk in wardrobe!  Which left the other half…now my new blog office!  Credit where credit is due, I’ve barely done anything in this miraculous makeover, it’s all been down to my man for making me my own little space.  I’ve included some pictures off Pinterest which I used as office-inspo and obviously my pictures of the finished space.  I’ve still got a few finishing touches to do and obviously some pictures of my five furry friends must go up on the wall but you get the jist.  So now when you read my blog, you’ll know exactly where the glorious magic happens, lolz!

My Pinterest Inspo

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