Well I’ve got two very sore little Chihuahuas to look after today.  Boris and Bumble had their ‘snip-snip’ ops yesterday and now they’re feeling rather sorry for themselves and unfortunately have to sport some rather fetching lampshades on their heads…excellent for comedy value but it’s breaking my heart to see how uncomfortable they look.  
I’ve still got plenty of SS14 press day pictures to show you from various brands so as I’m on puppy-sitting duty today I’ll try and get one of those up too.
Have an awesome day guys, and hey…It’s Friday tomorrow!

Hat – H&M (Current).     Coat – Zara (Old).     Jumper – Zara (Current, Sale).
Trousers – H&M (Current).     Bag – Balenciaga.     Shoes – Zara (Current, Sale).

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